Master Sando Kaisen introduced himself to the Czech Republic in 1990. Since then, his books have been published here and people could have come to see him on several lectures and introductions to zazen he has given here, and learn about him from various press articles and programmes on the radio and TV.

Tomasz Dabrowski, a Zen monk from Poland and Master Sando Kaisen’s close disciple, helped a great deal to spread Master Sando Kaisen´s teachings in the Czech Republic. In the years 2004 – 2011, when he was leading the Czech sangha, many new centres (dojos) were formed here, so that Master´s teachings could be transmitted to more people.

In 2005, Master Sando Kaisen’s disciples founded the Soto Zen Czech Republic association which is a part of the Zazen International organization and its main aim is to transmit Master Sando Kaisen’s teaching in the Czech republic.

(association regulations/ stanovy sdružení)

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