Zen dojo Litvinov

“Zen is looking clearly at all things.
A wandering mind is circling around a lotus,
An enlightened mind lets the lotus circle around itself.”

We often think of Zen as of some strange mysterious practice, standing aside practical life. This view is completely mistaken and wrong. Zen is nothing but returning to our normal state – the original state of a body and mind of a human being. Not attaching yourself to anything, being open and accepting everything. Happiness and unhappiness, life and death, form and emptiness.

But this is not easy, if we are prisoners of our illusions. A person suffers, if he is imprisoned by his illusions. Illusions cause suffering. A human being is over-loaded with thoughts, worries, despair, unrest and sadness.

The poor suffer, the rich suffer too. This suffering is not only material, suffering of the spirit is even worse. People have a tendency to live in illusions and blindness, they perceive shapes and events via their senses, they pass their judgements and are deeply persuaded that that, which makes up their brains, is true.

Afterwards, sure of what he thinks, he is ready to fight for his beliefs.

If a person wakes up from a dream and understands that the ego penetrates all the universe, the unrest and lies dissolve like snow in the sun. When the lie disappears, the universe becomes clear as a crystal.

The essence of practicing Zen is zazen, the sitting meditation with your legs crossed and your spine erect; a sit that has been transmitted from a master to his disciple for thousands of years.

That way of sitting, with the attention focused on respiration, develops the highest level of consciousness, which enters all the activities of everyday life.

Zazen has no aim, there is no profit in it, there is nothing magical about it, nothing mysterious, it has no object. We do not need the help of a spirit, a natural sitting position is the absolute practice. The real zazen is coming back to the nature and peace, it is thinking by the unity of the body via the correct sitting position. If we let our thoughts pass calmly during the sitting, the wisdom of the spirit will naturally develop.

Through this purity and the profit-free position of a human being, those that have practiced it, have attained Enlightenment.

Zen is the only possible fulfilment of a human life, in order to understand it, we should sit into a zazen, as the Buddha and ancient masters have done. We cannot come to understand Zen by reading books or listening to lectures, it is discovering the source of life in ourselves.

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