Sótó zen Česká republika (Soto Zen Czech Republic) is an association founded in 2004 by disciples of Master Sando Kaisen. It organizes activities connected to transmitting the authentic teachings of Soto Zen, which is expressed mostly by sitting meditation, ZAZEN. Soto Zen Ceska Republika cooperates closely with Zazen Internationale, an association running our central temple in France, the Peak of Light, and helps to transmit Master Sando Kaisen`s teaching throughout Europe.

Zen is not a religion, nor some kind of philosophy. It is a practice of everyday life, an insight into the reality as it is. It is not looking for peace, wisdom and love, because all of that is already inside every one of us. It is enough to just come back to our original nature and our chamber of treasures will open on its own.


The teachings and practice of our school originate from Buddha Shakyamuni. Soto Zen (sotoshu in Japanese) is a school of Zen Buddhism founded by Master Eihei Dogen in 13th century in Japan. Soto Zen spread throughout Europe in 1960s thanks to Japanese Master Taisen Deshimaru. Soto Zen Ceska Republika transmits the teachings of Sando Kaisen, the disciple and follower of Master Deshimaru.


We would be grateful especially for any financial contribution to our central temple Hoshoji (Peak of Light) sent to our account. But we would welcome any other form of support related to our activities, which would help to realize them. Any assistance is appreciated, it depends only on your willingness to help. Thank you in advance.

In what areas can you help?

Supporting our central temple
Financial or other help as a gift.
Would like to support our international temple where people from all over Europe meet? You can do so by contributing any amount of money as a gift.

Printing and distribution of leaflets and information about the events we organize.
Can you print our leaflets cheaply? Could you place invitations to our events in your workplace or on your website?  Can you help distribute the leaflets?

Location of our events
Providing a place where we can carry out our activities
Do you have a place we could use as a Zen centre – dojo? Are you an owner of an old house in the country, which is not being used, and would you like to give it a new life? Could we use it for our weekend retreats?

Publishing our books
Publishing and distributing books
Do you work in graphic design? Can you help us in any way with printing, distributing or selling our books?

Would you like to help us in any other way?
Contact us, please.



What can we offer in return? Apart from a good feeling of giving other people a chance to meet the authentic Zen teaching of Sando Kaisen and set out for the Journey…

* We can give you a Gift Certificate for the financial contribution. You can deduct the gift from your taxes, in accordance with the law.

* We will put your advertisement, a link to your website and a thank you note on our website into the section: Sponsoring.

* We can put your advertisement on our leaflets which we distribute regularly in the towns where our centres are located.

* We can put your advertisement on the books we publish (the usual number of published books is 1500).


Bank: FIO banka a. s.
Account number: 2700505017/2010
IBAN: CZ2720100000002700505017

Plase write “contribution” into the message box. If you would like to support a specific centre or the temple, please include this information in the box as well. (e.g. “contribution Prague” or “contribution temple”). Our account is transparent, you can view your gifts online here.

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