The zen of sincerity

Zen is not wisdom, it is the reality as it is.

Zen is the way of solitude:

To think independently

To act independently

To practice independently

To suffer independently.

Zen has nothing to do with peace and a still mind.

Zen does not mean living with your eyes shut to the reality of this world.

We walk alone, with our eyes wide open, we are not dependant on anyone and we remain whole.

Zen is first of all knowing how to live and knowing how to die.

Zen is not a mould for producing Buddhists.

We ourselves are responsible for our thoughts, our words, our actions.

No-one can breathe for us.

There is nobody above us or below us.

There is no-one to worship, no ideology.

The reality of zen is nothing but the reality as it is.

Only a brave person can practice zen.

It is the way of a warrior with his eyes constantly open, his attention ever becoming deeper and deeper.

That is why zen does not seek neither love nor wisdom or peace.

Everybody owns these three treasures inside.

What remains is to be natural, authentic and honest.

How to do this?

By practicing zazen.

To practice zazen means to observe breathing as it is, with great sincerity and attention.

Do not seek or imagine some Buddha, a heavenly state, merits, enlightenment, or any kind of reward.

If you are honest in your breathing, you are true in your thoughts, speaking and actions. Do not look for zen elsewhere, in some false advertisements, or sweet Buddhist talks.

Why is it not a philosophy or psychology, ethics, spirituality, or religion and especially not your own wisdom or personal knowledge?

Why is the position so important?

Because the true spirit, the true awareness lives in the heart of matter.

The response to our lives is to be found in matter.

Not in vague peaks of so called spiritual realization.

Why can everyone practice zazen?

Because everyone has a physical body.

When we are awakening to the awareness of matter, we can break free from all restraints, and spread our awareness beyond our habits, beyond our knowledge, beyond our tiny selves.

A little chick can hatch only by breaking the eggshell.

The eggshell which is not spiritual.

It is a physical plate made of proteins and all the minerals of the world.

Awakening is not possible outside matter.

And thus all spirituality without meditation is only a dream, an illusion, a projection of the mind.

This is not a position of Zen, Buddhism, or Christianity.

It is releasing of everything that you have locked so carefully inside the habits of your bodies.

Face to face death, no-one will come to save you.

It is about time you woke up to the reality as it is.

Such are the teachings of ZEN, authentic, like teachings of the river, flowing without stopping.

Sando Kaisen

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