Retreat in our French monastery, autumn 2018

We would like to invite you to meet and study directly with Master Sandó Kaisen in France.


Monastery Pic Lumineux (Peak of Light)
Larzac, Peyrecaty, FRANCE (map)

A retreat in the monastery is the time of intensive practice with the Master. Every day starts and finishes with a meditation Buddha’s sitting (zazen). Then we spend the time together – eating, working, training European calligraphy Nuage et Eau (Cloud and water) and study the Way with the Master and other disciples. We strive to be attentive in every moment, in everything we do and follow the flow of the day. Here and now, live fully through every moment forgetting ourselves.

The retreat in autumn takes place in these periods:

1st term – with the translation from French to Czech (for the Czech Republic and Slovakia)
Arrival: Saturday 6th October before 8 p.m.
Departure: Sunday 14th October after 2. p.m.

2nd term – with the translation from French to Russian (for Russia and France)
Arrival: Saturday 3rd November before 8 p.m.
Departure: Sunday 11th November after 2 p.m.

3rd tern – with the translation from French into Polish and Russian (for Poland and Ukraine)
Arrival: Saturday 1st December before 8 p.m.
Departure: Sunday 9th December after 2 p.m.

If you need translation into English, let us know at least two weeks before.

Registrations: At least two weeks prior the beginning of the period at

Financial contribution: 320 EUR/period

Take with you, please:

– a pillow for the meditation (zafu) and a blanket (futon),
– comfortable dark clothes for the meditation,
– three bowls + spool, fork or chopsticks and a large cloth napkin (preferably black) to wrap them in,
– personal things,
– slippers,
– working clothes and shoes, a hat (if it’s hot),
– calligraphy tools (please, contact one of our centers for details),
– a sleeping bag or bedsheets (blankets can be borrowed).

The food will be provided.

If this is the first time you are going to our retreat, please, contact us at least two weeks prior the trip. Ideally come to one of our centers and arrange personally the details of your trip and the best way to get there (there’s an option of travelling together to cut the costs).


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